53 thoughts on “HARLEM SHAKE TRIVIA: If you try to reassemble the name HARLEM it will become M-E-L-R-A-H An Egyptian word means “SON of the DEVIL” Satan wants to drown people on EVIL DEEDS and THOUGHTS.

  1. at the first time i saw the music video of halem shake i actually did not bother to watch the whole music video coz i didn’t like it, and mind you guys until now i dont like it still coz the first thing that comes into my mind when i saw the video was “oh, devil” no offense, people dances like they were possessed. . . but it doesn’t matter what matter is our faith in HIM.

  2. Doing harlem shake is still better than kneeling beneath a torture instrument, talking to a statue of a dead man nailed to it, and eating and drinking ritualistic symbol of blood and flesh.

  3. hebrews 4:12
    “The word of GOD is LIVING and POWERFUL”
    whether it is true or not for as long as we dis -obety GOD its a sin.

  4. that’s why i wont dance HARLEM SHAKE because the tune i hate i never put that kind of music in my phone and now i know that the opposite of harlem is melrah and it’s meaning is the SON OF THE DEVIL i really hate that music WE SHOULD BE CAREFUL OF SATANS WORK

  5. we need t be careful in choosing music not only in music but in everything. SATAN will always find way to fool us..the only thing we can do to avoid satanic deeds, is to pray and have faith in God..AMEN

  6. the end time is near. so we must be very careful and extra careful in all what we do. we need to read the word of God so that we will not be deceived by SATAN. Let us not adopt worldly things, instead let us just focus our hearts and minds unto JESUS!

  7. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. For the world and its desire will pass away.Focus on Jesus guys:)


    • yah right … that was really anoying thats why .. on our radio station here in batangas .. the rave fm 88.5 .. we didnt play that kind of song coz ..even melrah .. dont exist the dance move and the music it has .. is very … YUCK ,,, they do not teach us how to dance they teach us how to be bad …

  9. Why itz so tough to be good. And we lav listening and/or singing those kindz of music rather than singing in GOD’s name..

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  11. This should be spread in order to let them know and the dancers should aware this kind of dances …
    –the composers must not use the kind of songs…,
    ……. tHank yoU……

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